Factors that influence student perception while choosing a B-School

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Institute Ranking 2017 has been an eye opener on many different fronts, thanks to its unique methodology and ranking index. One of the most important insights that arose from this exercise was the factors which influence student perception while picking a B-school. In our field survey, we asked students about a number of different factors which sway their decision while choosing an MBA institute. The top four among them are listed below along with some insights which make them so important to the MBA aspirants.

Reputation of the Institute

As expected, our field data collected from MBA aspirants threw up ‘reputation of the institute’ as the prime factor that influences their choice when it comes to B-schools in India. Traditionally, MBA students have benefited greatly from brand and reputation of the b-school when it comes to placements and standing in the job industry. B-schools also shared a symbiotic relationship in this regard, as they also benefit a lot from the achievements of management graduates walking out of their campuses.

Placement Assistance

Placement assistance grabbed the second spot when it comes to students’ perception about institutes. MBA is a major investment decision for any students and therefore placements are sure to influence the decision of students. However, the data also showcased that it is not merely salaries which influence students’ decisions; but the variety of career opportunities along with fast paced career growth also play a major role while choosing the right B-school.

Institute Infrastructure

Closely associated with the reputation of the B-school, infrastructure also plays upon the mind of a student while choosing the MBA College. Infrastructure of a B-school is a reflection of the vibrant academic culture prevalent at the institute. For instance, a library that stays open until midnight suggests it has a good collection of well-chosen books and periodicals, and that the students and faculty use the facility to the optimum level. In other words, quality infrastructure showcases the commitment of the MBA institute to impart quality education which is not limited by resources, be it financial or otherwise.

Quality of Faculty

While faculty members may be the ‘blood-stream of knowledge’ for any B-school, they are ranked 4th on our list of factors that influence students’ decision about a B-school. But this doesn’t diminish the important role they play in the success of a B-school. In fact, MBA aspirants have a deep regard for the quality, qualifications and experience of faculty members while picking an MBA institute. Students also assess the teacher-student ratio and ratio of permanent faculty members to their batch strength. Quality of Faculty stands as a testimony to the overall learning experience and environment at a B-school.

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