Institute Ranking 2017: Decoding the Industry Perception for B-school

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One secret mantra that has significantly contributed to the success of B-schools in India has been the ability of management institutes to build a cordial relationship with the industry in their respective domains. In fact, industry perception about B-schools plays a big role in the overall reputation and brand of the MBA institutes. While often ignored by academic experts from consideration, we have included industry perception as a critical aspect of Institute Ranking 2017 survey. For this, we collaborated with HR personnel from different firms who participated in the placement drives at the shortlisted B-schools. They shared us with some valuable insights about factors that dominate industry perception regarding B-schools.

Soft Skills of the Students

In today’s globalised world, soft skills are pivotal to one’s personal success, the success of a firm or even of an industry. Then, it doesn’t come as a surprise that ‘soft skills of the students’ has emerged as the most dominant factor that influences industry perception about a B-school. Despite all the financial tools and managerial skills, if MBA graduates are not groomed in the basic skill of communication, it clearly showcases that the institute has missed out on a very important aspect.

Overall Quality of the Students

Quality of Students is another aspect that was highlighted by a number of HR managers while talking to us about B-schools in India. Being a broad spectrum matrix, they also provided specific inputs such as sound knowledge of both theoretical and practical aspects of management, strong grip over financial principles and leadership qualities as the factors that make up the overall quality of students.

Quality of Industry Interface

While often ignored in India, globally, the Industry Interface is deemed as a critical differentiator when it comes to classifying B-schools. In addition to the guest lectures and industry interaction conducted by the MBA institutes, Industry Interface also covers many other aspects such as joint research projects, field cases and open management development programmes, all conducted in association with respective industry domains. Simply put, Industry Interface reflects the intellectual capital of the B-school. This is one aspect on which even the bigwigs of Indian B-schools have failed to score well.

Industry Exposure of Students

The competitive environment that we live in means that MBA graduates walking out of the campuses do not have the liberty to enjoy their honeymoon period after being placed. They have to start doing all the heavy lifting right from the day one. Therefore, industry experts look for students who are job ready and have some amount of industry exposure. The internship programmes, summer projects and other similar pedagogy adopted by B-schools go a long way in ensuring that students have relevant industry exposure as part of their learning environment.

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