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Dynamism, innovation, determination, courage, self-control and responsiveness are dimensions of engineering and management education. In order to attain the dream of MAKE IN INDIA we need to focus on these two basic competencies and nurture them in our students at RIGHT TIME and in RIGHT WAY. Engineering and Management is a platform, standing on which the country can become world power and at the same time the youth of nation can attain their dreams. An educational institute has the massive responsibility to provide the best expertise to its students in the form of faculty, labs, training, industry exposure cum interaction and take steps in right direction so that the myriad hued dreams are shaped and turned in to achievable reality. The foundation of education should be to help our students emerge as educated and sensitive individuals who can bring a positive change in society and for whom the nation will always come first.

The most disturbing fact is that various studies done by reputed agencies reveal that not more than 3% of total engineers produced have the required skills to be employed in industry and merely 7% can handle engineering related tasks. The question is that with increasing demand of manpower having technical and managerial competencies aided by an enormous increase in institutes offering plethora of engineering and management programs, why such handful of students get absorbed in job market. The reason is the absence of skill education, outdated teaching pedagogy, shortage of quality faculty and lack of research based teaching. The entire chain of engineering and management education is yielding professionals with degrees not skills to be productive in economy.

A university or college should not merely impart information but should make learning a harmonious experience which will help students to shine in each and every aspect of life. The deep-rooted spiritual tradition of our Indian culture needs to be merged effortlessly with modern technology and teaching practices to create a value-based education system capable of moulding the students in to professionals. The engineering and management curriculum should be contemporary in nature and also incorporate various innovative programs that open up multiple avenues for students.

Indian institutions should primarily focus on hiring distinguished faculty who are at the forefront in research and involved in development and implementation of innovative ways of imparting education to enhance student learning. The curriculum must be developed after intense study and should be reviewed periodically to keep it abreast with the best in the world and in sync with the needs of the industry. Working on internships, participating in industrial visits, conferences, seminars and workshops must form an integral part of student learning. International study tours and exchange programs should be promoted by institutions to provide a world vision to their students. Apart from traditional branches like mechanical, civil, electrical and electronics offered in engineering, new ones like biotechnology needs to be introduced to widen out the scope and open fresh avenues. Similarly management education should move ahead of trades like finance, marketing, HR and come up with areas of international business, retail and information technology as these will broaden up the job market size. However introduction of such fresh fields also pose a challenge towards an institute to invest heavily in terms of hiring quality faculty, building up required infra and acquiring all related technologies to become the best player of these new turfs.

The ultimate aim of our Indian educational institutes imparting engineering and management should be two fold. The prime objective should be to encourage and train students for entrepreneurship so that the students are transformed in to ‘job creators’ who provide momentum to ‘Make in India’ dream. Last but not the least, education imparted should enhance the overall personality of students, giving them the strength of character and intellect, which teaches them to be self-reliant and self-sufficient in this extremely competitive world.

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