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SRM University -where you have the freedom to take wings:

SRM University distinguishes itself from other universities of higher learning as a centre that offers comprehensive and holistic experience of enhanced learning in an enriched environment. Within the precincts of institutions under SRM University over 40,000 students are engaged in the process of knowledge and personality development and will leave the edifying portals of SRM institutions to contribute to the world as scholars, managers, national and global leaders, thinkers and influencers.

SRM University became a deemed University in 2002. Its foundation originates from the priceless heritage of three decades of imparting education by the SRM Group of Educational Institutions and the inestimable vision of the Founder-Chancellor Dr. T.R.Paarivendhar.  

Students from over fifty nations, including those from across India and NRIs from different parts of the globe garner valuable learning on myriad subjects, exploiting the advantages of the avant-garde learning infrastructure and exceptional mentoring by an expert faculty. With prime focus on engineering and technology, SRM University offers several subjects including medicine, dental and health sciences, management, pure sciences, social sciences, humanities and law.

The SRM brand was not created in a day. The evolution of SRM as a premier brand in the educational arena stems from intensive contemplation and planning of success that extended beyond books, examinations and degrees. Futuristic vision and missionary zeal of the Management and Administrators underlie the stupendous success of the SRM brand. Behind the educational endeavours was the strong belief that students should be trained to be adept at applying theoretical knowledge to practical situations and the demands of the world.

Professor Prabir K. Bagchi, the Vice Chancellor of SRM University unveils his mantra to run a mega educational enterprise, “I stress on the three ‘R’s or Rigor, Relevance and Research, which are critical to develop successful students.” The three ‘R’s have been the vital focus since Dr.Bagchi took over the mantle of heading the University in May 2015.

SRM University has an enviable record of research, despite the fact that it commenced operations in 2002, particularly with regard to publication, productivity and funding obtained from the government and private bodies. From a mere Rs. 2.16 crores for project outlays in 2011, funding rose phenomenally to over Rs 25 crores by 2015. Research areas include renewable energy, materials science, public health, health sciences, biotechnology,stem cell biology and tissue engineering, and a host of other subjects.

During the last two years, 96 papers have been published with an average impact factor of 3.86. The research institute also obtained research projects with a total outlay of Rs. 3.93 crores sanctioned by DST, DBT, ICMR, DRDO and DST-Nano Mission.

SRM University takes pride in the fact that it has been placed in Grade A by the NAAC and in category A by the Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD). The Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET has accredited four undergraduate programmes including Civil, Mechanical, EEE and ECE; and the Computing Accreditation Commission has accredited Information Technology. All these programmes are from the Kattankulathur campus.

Apart from a dynamic curriculum and syllabus, constantly upgraded infrastructure and an experienced and dedicated faculty have played a major role in the academic excellence and rich and diverse culture of SRM University.

SRM University has partnerships with more than 90 institutions of higher learning across 23 countries. Since 2004 more than 370 SRM students have benefitted through the Semester Abroad Program in 32 Universities across 13 countries.Since 2010 more than 70 students have been the beneficiaries of dual degree programmes in seven universities from five countries.

SRM University has its head comfortably above waters in a competitive global ambience, especially given the challenges of globalization as well as the frequent revolutions in IT arena. To accomplish this remarkable feat, SRM University has a Corporate Advisory Board of eminent executives from 215 leading companies and business houses and an International Advisory Board with over 50 eminent scholars from nine countries of the world  who take part in designing curriculum, research and teaching methodology.

While stressing on the importance to develop new models of learning Prof. Bagchi has mooted the innovative practice of faculty sabbaticals which will give them exposure to design, manufacturing and business management functions in the private and public. This initiative will help bring about practical relevance to learning.“Such first-hand exposure will enrich our curriculum and mimic real life more closely,enhancing thevalue of our courses,” he says.

SRM’s pride and honour stem from their foresight and the enterprise to develop global citizens endowed with exceptional character and leadership to make a discernable difference to the world.

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