Transformation of Management Education in South India

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Traditionally regarded as the education hub of the country, South India has been at the forefront of management education in India. But over the last decade, academic experts have witnessed a silent but steady transformation process as far as management education in South India.

Known to be the ‘land of the learned’, the four states of South India i.e. Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh are home to some of the best B-schools of the country. Starting from the bigwigs of IIM Bangalore and IIM Kozhikode to IBS Hyderabad and LIBA in Chennai; the region has had a vibrant culture of management education since last five decades. What makes B-schools in South India stand out and apart from others is their commitment to innovation. Despite being one of the oldest B-schools in the country, IIM Bangalore is still popular among the aspirants for its management programmes that are completely in sync with the contemporary needs of students and the industry. This characteristic of MBA colleges in South India has become the identity of management education in the region.

Rising up to this challenge, even private B-schools such as SRM University have gone a step further in enhancing the scope and direction of management education in South India. Backed by innovation in programme structure, perfect balance between classroom education and skill based practical training; private B-schools have provided excellence avenues for management education in the region.

In fact, many experts across the globe have realized the potential of management education in the region as it follows unique teaching pedagogy that is at par with their global counterparts. MBA is often treated as a major investment for a students and ROI is something that is keenly measured while evaluating the performance of private B-schools. Led by SRM University, many private management institutes in South India have earned their credibility with the help of excellence placement opportunities and backed their claim with the help of verified statistical data in this regards.

To sum it up, South India is witnessing a silent but very effective transformation in the management education; wherein the confluence of traditional methods with the new strategies and innovative measures is giving shape to a new direction to MBA courses. Soon, this trend will spread across the country leading the way for the next stage of management education in India.

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