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Text Snippet: About 40 - 42 thousand Artificial Intelligence Professionals are working in our country and the annual contribution of Artificial Intelligence to our economy is approximately $ 230 million.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an area of ​​computer science that focuses on the creation of intelligent machines that not only act as humans but also respond to queries like they do. The work that humans do can be accomplished in short time through artificial intelligence backed by computer-based systems.

Artificial Intelligence is widely used for Speech Recognition, Visual Perception, Language Identification and Decision Making & Voice Commands. In recent times, you must have heard about Siri, Alexa, Cortana and Driverless cars. These are a few examples of Artificial Intelligence!

At present, around 40 - 42 thousand Artificial Intelligence Professionals are working in our country and the annual contribution of Artificial Intelligence to our economy is approximately $ 230 million. Bangalore is the main center of artificial intelligence in India. About 1 thousand companies in our country use the science of artificial intelligence in their daily work.

Educational qualification required for artificial intelligence:

  • To start a career in this field, students must have a Graduation degree from a recognized university.
  • For various Artificial Intelligence Programs, students must be from Mathematics background with basic computer technology knowledge.
  • Candidates must have at least a Bachelor’s Degree in the concerned field for entry level jobs.
  • Master's degree or PhD degree is essential for supervisory or administrative positions.

Some of the most important courses taught in this field are: Cognitive Science Theory, Computer Science, Computer Languages ​​and Coding, Physics, Engineering, Robotics, Graphical Modeling, Statics, Probability, Algebra, Logic, Algorithms and Basic Mathematics.

Hyderabad University, IIT Bombay, IIT Madras, IISc Bangalore, ISI, and Kolkata University in India conduct major courses in Artificial Intelligence.

Skill sets required for Artificial Intelligence

  • Computer Languages ​​- Candidates should have good knowledge of various computer languages ​​such as Python, C ++, R, Java, etc. to start a career in this field.
  • Statistical Skills - Professionals in this field should have a good understanding of probability and statistics because statistical theories help in understanding algorithms.
  • Applied Mathematics and Algorithms- If you have understanding and knowledge of algorithmic theories, then you may know how the algorithm works? It will help you to differentiate between different models like SVMs. You can also check out the summations.
  • Distributed computing - Nowadays, machine learning jobs primarily work on a lot of data sets. You cannot process so many data on one system. You have to distribute this data in the entire cluster. Projects like Cloud, Apache, Hoodup and EC2 make this task easy and economical.
  • Unix Tools - To work in the field of Artificial Intelligence, it is important to master all Unix tools so that you can make proper use of it in time.
  • Advanced Signal Processing Techniques - It is also very important to know and use Signal Processing Algorithms such as Wavletts, Curvlets, Sheareltes and Bandlets in a proper way.
  • Latest updates- To make a successful career in the area of Artificial Intelligence, you should keep in mind the latest updates related to this field. For this, one can take help of free machine learning books that are available online.

Some key career options in Artificial Intelligence are computer scientist, computer engineer software analyst, software developer, machine learning engineer, IOT architect, cognitive software engineer etc. Some of these details are given below:

  • Machine Learning Engineer

Such professionals are specialized experts in Artificial Intelligence. They prepare machines that can complete the given task given on the basis of Behavior Cues and Experience without human supervision. Such professionals are experts in computer programming. Other than having solid mathematical background, they also specialize in cloud applications. After a few years of experience, such professionals get salary packages up to Rs 36 lakhs annually in reputed companies.

  • IOT Architect

Internet of Things (IOT) Architects are professionals who explore the solutions of difficult issues related to Cloud Platform Formats, SAAS, IOT, M2M and Security, as well as manages systems through Technological Marketing and Analytical Skills. These professionals help their company achieve good results by supervising in company's IOT Infrastructure. These professionals in big multinational companies get up to Rs 40 lakh per year.

  • Cognitive software engineer

Cognitive Systems have significant importance in increasing the worldwide business. Significant importance of cognitive systems is increasing in business all over the world. Hence the demands of professionals in this field are also increasing. The main task of cognitive software engineers is to handle unstructured data. Therefore, they must have very good knowledge in the fields of machine learning, computer language processing and statistics. In big companies, these professionals get around Rs 40 lakh annually as salary package.

  • Date Scientist

Data Scientists are experts who use their special skills of Mathematics, Statistics and Programming to manage and organize multiple data sets (Structured and Un-structured). The main work of Data Scientists is to extract the Meaning out from data available and transfer that data in the best possible manner. With the help of Data Scientist Statistics and Machine Learning Tools and Methods, they do their various tasks. Professionals in this field probably get the best salary package. After a few years of experience, an Expert Data Scientist in our country gets an average of 90 lakhs per year in multinational companies.

  • IT Expert

Every day, a large number of data generation and transfer happen in the IT sector. In this work, operating systems are used along-with hardware, software and server applications, but since all data is not suitable and useful for all people or industries etc., the machine learning technique cleans the respective data accordingly and contribute to the progress of IT sector. Nowadays in our country, almost every company has an IT department. In our country, IT experts are usually offered an average salary package of Rs 8 lakh-10 lakh annually.

Major companies providing jobs in the field of Artificial Intelligence in India include IBM Corporation, Microsoft Corporation, Google, Cognizant, Pearson, Bridge-U, Dreambox Learning, Fishery, Quorum Corporation, Century-Tech Limited, Blackboard, Inc., Third Space Learning Quantum, Adaptive Learning, LLC etc.

Salary package in the Field of Artificial Intelligence

The average salary of an Expert Professional in this field can be up to Rs 8.7 lakh annually in India. Some of India's major brand companies such as Amazon India, Google, Flipkart etc., offer AI Professionals a salary package of Rs. 12 lakh – Rs. 18 lakh per annum. Many startup companies located in our country offer Experienced Professionals salary package of 8 lakh - 15 lakh per year. As your experience increases in this field, your salary package also increases.

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