Aspects that industries look for in an Engineering College

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With nearly 4 million engineers walking out of engineering colleges in India, the recruiters have a tough task of identifying the right talents for their companies. As a viable solution to this, campus placements have emerged as a reliable method of selecting the best of the best when it comes to Indian engineers. But, even through the campus selection mode, HR managers of top technology firms have their work cut-out for them. To ensure that they select the right colleges for campus placement tie-ups, they evaluate several aspects related to the engineering colleges.

The summation of such aspects forms the overall all industry perception index that determines the success of an institute in producing engineering talent that is ready to take up their job responsibilities from day one. With Indian technical education domain undergoing a serious transformation, the industry perception parameters have also changed in the last decade. With the help of engineering institute ranking 2017, we have tried to identify factors that shape the perception of HR managers as far as engineering colleges are concerned.  

Quality of Students

The first and most important aspect on this list is the quality of engineers passing out of an engineering college. Being a professional course, it is very important for engineers walking out of an institute to have the necessary technical knowledge and practical skills. The quality of students also reflects very strongly upon the overall academic culture, course curriculum and teaching pedagogy. Therefore, industry looks very keenly at these aspects and only joins hands with engineering colleges that produce quality engineers who are ready to take up the mantle of job responsibilities from day one.

Admission System

As far as Indian students are concerned, engineering is deemed to be the default career choice for anyone who has joined science stream at higher secondary level. With so many engineering aspirants, it is very important for engineering colleges to ensure that the best of the best are selected and get through the admission system. Good academic gentry in an engineering college is only possible through a strict and streamlined admission process. Strict admission guidelines also ensure that engineering students who are really serious about building a career in engineering domain get through. Therefore, a comprehensive admission process is also considered as a vital component for industry perception by HR managers.

Intellectual Capital of Students

With the scope of technology growing every day, engineering jobs are getting tougher and tougher. In fact, engineering jobs today require students to not only possess the technical know-how but also the ability to mould that knowledge into practical solutions that can solve problems. This is where the intellectual capital of engineering students comes into the picture. Industry looks favourably upon engineering colleges that are able to enhance the creative quotient and develop an innovative mind in their students, which helps them in becoming great problem solvers.

Industry Interface

Engineering colleges in India look at Industry Interface through a very limited scope of guest lectures and seminars. However, globally Industry Interface has a much wider definition which covers includes several other factors such as research projects, Kickstarter campaigns, entrepreneurial projects and even field study cases; all of which are conducted in collaboration with industry leaders. Industry Interface is the first connect of engineering students with the real world situation in the tech world. It prepares them for the upcoming challenges when they join their respective jobs. So, engineering colleges which have a strong industry interface also get full marks from HR managers.

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