Engineers – The Building Blocks of India

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‘Engineers solve the problems you didn’t know you had in ways that you don’t fully understand’

This popular adage about engineers sums up the contribution that Engineers make in our lives. Especially when it comes to a country like India, where economic and social development is dependent on the technological development to a large degree; the role played by engineers in the development of the country multiples manifolds.

A few of the recent technological achievements in the recent past, such as India’s Mission to Mars and the highly fruitful ‘Make In India’ campaign, truly exemplifies the role that Indian Engineers have played in national building. India’s emergence as one of the fastest growing economies in the world can also be attributed to the efforts of engineers to push the envelope of technological and economic development in India.

As far as India’s industrial sector is concerned, India’s engineering industry accounts for 27% of the total factories in the industrial sector. On a similar note, engineering firms in the organized sector contribute around 35 percent of total output in the country, being the highest foreign exchange earner for India.

But national building is more than just developing technologies or machinery for industrial sector or contributing to foreign exchange; it also involves ensuring that the national development is socially responsible, sustainable and inclusive in its nature. And Indian Engineers are at the forefront of the movement. They use scientific knowledge gained by study, experience and practice for the provision of basic infrastructure and social amenities to the people of this country.

Through technological development, Indian engineers have been bridging social gaps and ending discrimination through technological development and innovation. The role of Indian engineers in nation building begins with identifying the problems faced by Indian citizens, especially those who live in villages and rural areas.

  • Food Cultivation: Indian engineers have been involved in development of innovative irrigation systems that can improve the crop yield and thereby cater to the problem of food shortage in the country.
  • Clean Drinking Water: This is a problem that is quickly escalating in both urban and rural areas. In coastal areas, engineers have developed desalination plants that have addressed this problem to a large extent.
  • Housing: Backed by government schemes like Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, Indian engineers are also developing low-cost prefabricated housing to address the challenge of housing.
  • Transportation: Metros, e-buses or public transport which runs of green fuels; engineers have also innovated in the field of transportation solutions.
  • Energy shortage: Even after 70 years of independence, several villages and even urban ghettos in India still lurk in darkness after sunset. But engineers have brought light to such areas through solar solutions.
  • Social Development: Social development in India is also spearheaded by engineering marvels. Education is powered through e-learning solutions, government services imparted via mobile apps and healthcare through mobile hospitals.

These were just few of the examples of how engineers and their innovative creations touch our lives and make them better. Therefore, looking at engineers and their contribution towards development of India through the limited lens of economic or industrial development is not enough. Engineers go beyond these limitations, providing innovative solutions that transcend the socio-economic and at time even geographic boundaries to lead the movement of nation building through holistic, inclusive and sustainable development.

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