5 Unique Engineering Career Options of 2018

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Engineering is a domain that is evolutionary in nature. Whenever the human society has faced a new challenge or problem, engineers have risen to the occasion to provide innovative and practical solutions to them. In this attempt to better the lives of people, engineering as a career option has grown manifolds and today offers several unique career options to engineering students which go beyond the usual options of civil, mechanical, electrical or software engineering. So, let’s look at 5 such unique engineering career options that are popular in 2018.

1. Space Engineering

As a child, many of us would have dreamt of reaching the stars, but those who are passionate about it can turn their dream into reality by building a career in space engineering. Specifically speaking, it deals with the study of astrophysics, astronomy, space exploration and types of equipment that are involved with spaceflight. An undergraduate course in Space Engineering or B.Sc in Space Research followed by a masters and a doctorate can help you build a successful career with top space exploration firms.  

Top Engineering Institutes that offer courses in Space Engineering

  • IIT Mumbai
  • IIT Kanpur
  • IISc, Bangalore
  • BIT, Mersa
  • DIAT, Pune

2. Photonics

Photonics is the study of photon or light. A Photonics Engineer primarily deals with the detection, generation and control of photon particles. Today, photons are used in a variety of fields or domains such as healthcare, defence, medicine, optics, communications, aerospace and energy engineering. Therefore, the domain of Photonics has emerged as a very popular engineering career option today. In order to become a Photonics Engineer you can take up B. Tech or BE programme followed by Masters with specialization in Photonics.

Top Engineering Institutes that offer courses in Photonics

  • IIT Madras, Chennai
  • IIT Kanpur
  • Cochin University of Science & Technology
  • NIT, Calicut
  • The National Centre for Ultrafast Processes, Taramani Campus

3. Mining Engineering

Although mining is a very old profession, the field of mine engineering has come to the fore only recently, especially in India. Mining Engineers deal with the process of extracting raw minerals from the earth and transforming them into usable forms. In addition to this, mining engineering also deals with creation and development of machinery and equipment that are used for mining operations. Another aspect that has been recently added to the domain of mining engineering is geological study and feasibility studies for planning and execution of mining projects. A B.Tech in Mining followed by M. Tech in Mining Engineering can get you a job with top mining companies in the world. There are also diploma engineering courses in mining engineering which can be pursued by students after completing their Class 10 Board Exams.

Top Engineering Institutes that offer courses in Mine Enginereing

  • Indian Schools of Mines, Dhanbad
  • IIT Delhi
  • IIT Kharagpur
  • IIT Guwahati
  • Government Engineering College, Gujarat

4. Sound Engineering

As the name suggests, Sound Engineering deals with the science of creating, recording, mixing and processing sound. Ever saw a movie and was awestruck by the awesome sound effects and background score; then you must thank Sound Engineers for making it possible. Although a nascent field in India, Sound engineering is slowing emerging as a very lucrative engineering career option for music lovers with engineering mind-set. Students can take up diploma or certificate courses in sound engineering to kick-start their career. If you are not interested in working as a sound engineering, you can also look for research opportunities in the field with respected agencies.

Top Engineering Institutes offering courses in Sound Engineering

  • Department of Film & TV Studies, Bharatiya VidyaBhavan, New Delhi
  • IIT Kharagpur (PG)
  • Film and Television Institute of India, Pune
  • College of Applied Science, Vadakkencherry

5. Environmental Engineering

The Earth that we live on also needs care and nurture in order to sustain life and Environmental Engineers are the green warriors that lead this war. The domain of environmental engineering uses scientific methods and engineering techniques to safeguard Earth against the damage inflicted by humans on it. They work relentlessly to safeguard the environment and ensure that basic constituents of life i.e. water, air and land remain fit for survival of the human race.  Currently, the scope of career growth in the field of environmental engineering is limited but with the deteriorating state of affairs natural environment in India, the need for these green warriors would be pivotal.

Top Engineering Institutes offering courses in Environmental Engineering

  • Delhi Technological University, Delhi
  • Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad
  • Government Engineering College, Delhi (affiliated to GGSIPU)

Talking about Engineering, one of the visionary technocrats of our generation Mr Elon Musk commented that ‘Engineering is the closest thing to magic that exists in the world.’ The new and innovative engineering career options that have been listed above substantiate that statement completely. Engineering was, has and will always evolve to improve the lives of people and to cater to the rising needs of the human race.

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