What do recruiters look for in an Engineering College?

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When it comes to Engineering colleges, one of the prime responsibilities that it has to shoulder for its students is campus placement post the completion of the B.Tech or other similar undergraduate programmes. However, just as the students, even recruiters are very careful and exercise caution while choosing the colleges from where they are going to hire students. There are many factors which recruiters look at while picking the engineering colleges for campus placements. These factors also closely reflect upon the quality of engineering education that is offered at the institute. So let’s check out the four key factors that recruiters look for in an engineering college.

Soft-skills of the students

Engineers are often known for their technical knowledge and hard skill, but when it comes to recruiters choosing the engineering colleges for campus placements, the soft skills of engineering students play a pivotal role. As per our research findings, 56% of the corporate recruiters surveyed have rated soft skills of the students as a deciding factor for choosing an engineering college for campus placements. Considering that soft skills play a pivotal role in the professional environment that engineers are expected to work in post their hiring, it doesn’t come as a surprise that soft-skills of the students is deemed as the most important factor by HRs.

Brand Image or Reputation of the College

Another factor which is rated high by corporate recruiters is the Brand Image or the Reputation of the College. According to the Jagranjosh.com’s Engineering Ranking 2018 survey, 37% of the HRs surveyed said that Brand Image of an institute plays an important role while hiring students during campus placements. An engineering institute earns reputation on the basis of the quality of education, teaching pedagogy, facilities and placement infrastructure that it has setup to assist students. Therefore, it has been ranked high by the recruiters.

Intellectual Capital of the Students

Engineers are more than just people who can understand technical concepts or theories; they are creators and innovators who can transform those concepts and theories into usable products and services that better the lives of people. And to do this, they need to possess sound knowledge and in depth understanding of the subject. The teaching pedagogy and style that is followed by an institute can help build intellectual capital of the students. Therefore, nearly 37% of the corporate recruiters have ranked it as one of the top four factors they look for in an engineering college.

Industry Centric Curriculum

Engineering is an ever evolving field that keeps expanding its scope with the development of new technologies. Therefore, it is very important for engineering colleges to have updated course curriculum that is in sync with the needs and requirements of the recruiters. Engineering colleges who have industry centric curriculum and courses that include the latest developments from the tech world go a long way in ensuring that their students are job ready. Therefore, recruiters have also ranked industry centric syllabus as one of the prime factors that they look at before deciding to join the campus placement programme at engineering colleges.

Recruiters who visit the engineering colleges for campus placement are looking for talented engineers who are able to not only reproduce what they have learnt but also are able to innovate and develop new technologies that can push the boundaries of science and technology to new heights. Therefore, they look for the aforementioned four key factors among engineering colleges.

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