How Placements are done at Top B-schools?

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MBA Placement is the most important aspect that an MBA aspirant looks for in a B-school. Lucrative Placement offers that are made during campus placements make MBA from IIMs and other top B-schools in India worth it. While, the hype around six and seven figure placement offers often catch the news headlines, they rarely go into the details of the how placements are done at a B-school. Prof. Abhishek Goel - Faculty – Organizational Behaviour Group at IIM Calcutta shares some important insights about Placements at top B-schools like IIM Calcutta.

How MBA Placements at Top B-Schools are Different?

Prof. Abhishek Goel says that at any B-school, there is a clamour for Placements; however, when it comes to top B-schools, the situation becomes more complex and different. MBA Placements at top B-schools are a slightly different ball-game, as the expectations are much more and beyond merely securing 100% placements for the students.

Key Stakeholders in Placements

There are three key stakeholders when it comes to MBA Placements at Top B-schools: the Institute, the students and the recruiters. All these three stakeholders have different expectations which overlap at one point or another.

  • For students, the expectations is that the institute facilitates high qualify placements for them, which provides a great challenge for the institute to continuously work on.
  • For recruiters, the expectation is that the institute justifies the faith and trust and delivers industry-ready managerial talent to them. They also expect best slots possible for their students, which puts the institute in a difficult bind.
  • The institute also has its own mission, vision & goals that it needs to fulfil when it comes to MBA placements.

Looking Beyond 100% Placements

So, when it comes to MBA Placements at top B-schools, the pressure is not about securing 100% placements, but is about meeting the expectations of all the three key stakeholders. And the respective B-school has to put into place the processes that will cater to the expectations of all constituents. To put it in a nutshell, top B-Schools are fantastic grounds where opportunities come up, the opportunities come the way of people who are prepared, who are ready to take them up. But, most important thing in all of this is not just that you are matching the opportunity but delivering more than what the recruiter has expected and that’s where biggest challenge for top B-School lies. That’s where the opportunities come from!

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