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If you are wondering how to develop that strong entrepreneurial mindset you have, then pursuing Master of Business Administration (MBA) from REVA University, Bengaluru can be a good option to enhance your chances for a successful career ahead. Entrepreneurs have the capability to transform ideas into innovation that makes a difference in the world. Entrepreneurs work towards converting insights, knowledge, skills and aspiration into action.

Entrepreneur is the one that is willing to take a leap, work hard enough to sacrifice everything else around, all in the name of solving problems because no one else is capable or possesses the desire.

Start Ups, expansion of existing Businesses, Individual professional expertise all call for not only technology grasp but Management driven technology application. As such this vast industry has been creating a huge demand for whizzes in technology and management both. The onus of providing this technologically driven education falls on the Universities. REVA University, Bengaluru is an extensive space that has expanded in the last decade not only branching out in knowledge generation and pedagogy but also in working with Industry on a global platform.

School of Management Studies at REVA University, Bengaluru primarily aims at ensuring that graduates who complete their courses in a chosen domain are competent enough to manage corporate activities like Human Resources, Finance, Operations and Marketing to run a company on a day-to-day basis, to meet the management objectives.

How important is Management studies and Entrepreneurship?

  • Management education is a vast body where students can specialize in desired areas like Retail, Sales, Taxes and so on. Thus, ensuring that every student is in a position to realize competence within the general principles of management also as develop a deeper understanding of specific aspects of management training.
  • The industries like Engineering, Designing, Management, Technology, Law and to name a few has become the need of the hour opening many spheres for the meritorious students.
  • Through internships and networking with other professionals, students can understand the problems which may plague a business or corporate house with which they can learn to think on their own and develop prompt solutions.
  • The management studies also helped in inculcating entrepreneurial skills in the students
  • The education provided by reputed management schools is multifarious since they include recent trends in the field of corporate ethics, corporate responsibility and social inclusion, globalization and private-public collaborations.

With Digitization machine learning, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and augmented reality coming into organizations and working cultures, it is imperative that the managers of today need to be well-versed with latest digital trends. Given the rise in the demand of MBA skills, and an increase in the number of applicants every year, the number of rounded and substantial MBA programs is expected to soar exponentially with times to come.

The courses offered by REVA University, Bengaluru namely – Civil Engineering, Electronical and Electronics Engineering, Management studies, Law, Mechanical Engineering, Journalism, Psychology and many other gives ample opportunities to students to choose a bright future for themselves.

REVA has been an active participant in a transformation that touches our everyday lives, creating ripples with innovative practices and methods. The School of Management Studies employs these methodologies in imparting learning to MBA aspirants. Along with Management studies, to cater the industrial needs, REVA has a Academy for Corporate Excellence also known as REVA RACE which offers Executive MBA to working professionals looking for super specializations in subjects like Machine Learning, Big Data Analytic, Supply Chain Analytics, Data Management and to name a few.

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